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Ipsos I-Say Surveys

Make extra money at home taking online paid surveys!

Wouldn't it be nice to earn a little extra spending cash right from your own home. Now you can!

Ipsos I-Say is a very popular survey company. Once you sign up with them, you will receive regular invitations to take online surveys that will earn you cash and prizes. Pretty easy, right? It is. Unfortunately, if you only sign up with Ipsos I-say, you won't get too many survey opportunities. If you want more than just an occasional chance to earn a dollar or two, read on.

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If you want to know exactly how it works, take some time to browse this site and find out how you can get involved and start earning money from your home in just a few minutes. All you need is a computer, and if you are reading this, I guess you have access to one! After you have checked out how online surveys work, sign up for a free account and gain access to more than 400 market research companies who will pay you for your opinion. Signing up with more companies expands your chances of getting survey opportunites. The more opportunities, the better chance you have at actually making some money.

Sign up with Ipsos I-Say only

If you are unsure about all this and just want to try out the Ipsos survey panel, Click here to join Ipsos-I-say Survey only You can check out and see how it works.

After you check out the Ipsos I-Say survey panel, be sure to come back here and sign up for a free account at PaidSurveyMall and gain access to over 400 paying survey sites. Rememer, it's free to join and you will get paid to participate!

Other Ipsos Survey Panels

Ipsos also conducts other specialty survey panels that may give you some unique opportunities to make more money.

If you fit one of the special groups below, it is worth signing up with each panel, since those panels will have survey offers specially suited for your demographic profile. That means you will have a better chance of qualifying and actually making money from the surveys you take.

Ipsos Mom's Surveys, US only - surveys for mothers of children age 2 & under.

Ipsos Under 30, US only - surveys for adults age 18-29

Ipsos Canada - surveys for Canadian residents

Ipsos Canada Moms Survey - surveys for Canadian mothers of children 2 & under

Ipsos UK - surveys for residents of the United Kingdom

Ipsos UK Females only - surveys for women living in the UK, 18 years & older

Ipsos UK Males only - surveys for men living in the UK, 18 years & older

Ipsos Germany -surveys for residents of Germany only

Ipsos Mexico -surveys for residents of Mexico only

Ipsos Italy -surveys for residents of Italy only

Ipsos Czech Republic -surveys for residents of the Czech Republic only