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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Can anyone do this? Are there any computer or other requirements?
  • Can I do this whenever I want?
  • Why will pay me for sharing my opinion by filling out surveys?
  • What kind of questions do you answer in the average survey? Do you have any examples?
  • What are focus groups and how do I participate in them?
  • How long are the surveys and focus groups?
  • How many surveys can I take and how much money will I make?
  • How many survey companies are listed in your database?
  • Do I need to fit a certain profile to take surveys successfully?
  • How do I get paid by the survey companies?
  • What about taxes on the money I make. How does that work?
  • How can be free?
  • Why do I need to register for your site if it is free?

    Can anyone do this? Are there any computer or other requirements?
    Most of the survey options are international, but most opportunities (not all) require that you are at least 18 years of age. Anyone anywhere in the world can do this and if you're reading this now, you have everything that you need to make money taking surveys and participating in focus groups. You don't even need your own computer — just access to the internet.
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    Can I do this whenever I want?
    Yes! One of the best parts of taking paid surveys online is that you can do it on your schedule. You decide when, where and how you will "work". This also means that you can decide how much money you want to make (with only a few limitations). Many people take surveys when they have extra time in the morning before heading out for the day. Others may decide to do a few surveys once the kids are in bed and the house is quiet. Any time that is right for you is the perfect time to do surveys and get paid! Even if you decide to go on vacation and you will be having too much fun to take surveys; that's fine, they will be waiting for you when you return.
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    Why will companies pay me for sharing my opinion by filling out surveys?
    In the United States alone, companies spend over 250 Billion dollars a year trying to persuade consumers to purchase their products and/or services. The majority of this money is spent on advertising, but a substantial portion is devoted to market research. These companies want to understand how people think, shop, and why they buy certain products. This knowledge helps companies improve their products and/or services, which makes them more appealing to their customers; earning them more money. These companies know that consumers will not usually participate in market research for free, so they are willing to pay people like you and me for our opinions. They know that in the end, it means more money for them. Because of this you can see that making money with paid surveys is not a scam. You just have to know how to get hooked up with the Market Research Companies.
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    What kind of questions do you answer in the average survey? Do you have any examples?
    Surveys are intended to help companies by providing a consumers point of view. Often a survey will consist of you giving your honest opinions on topics such as your shopping habits, why you choose certain products over others. The last survey I did was about the kind of breakfast cereals I ate. After answering a few introductory questions, I was presented with a several different ceral box designs for a new cereal and was asked which one I would be more likely to take off the shelf at a grocery store and why. In addition to making $5 for the survey, they sent my family a free box of the cereal before it hit the supermarkets.
    I hope to soon add some video examples of taking surveys.
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    What are focus groups and how do I participate in them?
    When market researchers wish to collect more thorough or "in depth" information from a group of respondents they generally assemble a focus group. Often instead of just filling out a survey, you participate in an online chat conference call with the researchers and other respondents, more like an open discussion. Just like surveys, you simply share your opinions and discuss them with others, but unlike your average survey, focus groups often pay up to $150 per hour and are more interesting and fun to participate in. If you live near a larger urban area, you may even get opportunities to participate in "live" focus groups. A lot depends upon your location and demographic.
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    How long are the surveys and focus groups?
    Surveys are most often made up of 20-50 multiple choice questions with space for you to add your personal comments at the end. Generally, the longer and more in depth the survey, the more money you will be compensated. Some surveys are very short with (comparatively) huge payouts. Focus Groups are generally more time consuming and in depth. - They most often last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, but some or even longer. As with surveys, as the participation requirements rise, so (usually) does the compensation. Remember, you will be signing up with so many companies that you will never have a shortage of options. You pick the surveys and focus groups that you want to participate in.
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    How many surveys can I take and how much money will I make?
    There is no set limit to the number of surveys or focus groups you can participate in; meaning that there is no set limit to the amount of money that you can make. The quantity and (financially beneficial) quality of surveys you'll be offered to participate in depends on the number of companies you register with and your demographic profile. Although there are a few people who make thousands of dollars per month from surveys and focus groups, realistically the money you make should be considered extra spending money rather than a reliable source of second income. But a lot depends upon your resolve to stick with it and do the work. It does take some effort!
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    How many survey companies are listed in your database?
    There are currently over 400 market research companies in the database which is more than enough to keep you busy for as long as you wish. All of these companies are linked to directly so you can register and get started right away. The database is updated regularly and you should check the "featured paid survey database" often to find new opportunities to make more money.
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    Do I need to fit a certain profile to take surveys successfully?
    Survey companies often will have you create a personal "profile" where you live, your age, occupation, marital status and so on all make up your personal "profile". There is no one correct profile. Everyone is different and companies know this. Some surveys are very specific. Some may be for persons of a specific age or gender. You will usually be prescreened for these obvious types of requirements, but sometimes you will have to answer a number of screening questions to see if you qualify. Even if you don't qualify, don't worry; there are plenty of other survey opportunities as long as you have done your work and sigend up with a lot of companies. There are companies all over the world that include market research of part of their advertising campaigns and there is no shortage of products for any and all demographic. Your best bet is to be honest in all of your answers to any questions and in any survey. Don't try to "game" the system by giving false answers that you "think" they want.
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    How do I get paid by the survey companies?
    Whenever you participate in a survey, focus group, or other type of paid opportunity, the Market Rsearch Company that is conducting the survey will pay you directly. Market Research firms specialize in gathering opinions and work on campaigns for multiple different companies on a contract basis. Most often payment is made to you by direct deposit to your financial institution in US dollars, than converted to your local currency. Many research companies pay you instantly online via PayPal. Usually Paypal does collect a small fee for the transaction. Some firms will send you a check in the mail. Remember, you will always know the details of how much, when and how a survey company will pay you before you ever take a survey and you can pick the ones you like. Please note that some Market Research Companies will hold all of your survey earnings until you meet a certain threshold (like $20, for example), and then pay you out in a lump sum. Each company is different and you need to be aware of their policies.
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    What about taxes on the money I make. How does that work?
    If you're a U.S. citizen, it is up to you to claim your earnings on your income taxes as an "independent contractor". No income or other taxes are withheld from the payments you receive. If any market research firm pays you over $600 in a calendar year, they are required to send you a Form 1099 in order to claim the income on your income taxes. If you are not a U.S. citizen, you need to ask an accountant or tax professional for the answer to this question and how it might apply to you in your country.
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    How can be free?
    Many similar survey database sites charge $30-$50 to join. I could have done that, but then I would be obliged to do all the work myself of weeding out the bad MRCs and keeping the database fresh. By offering it to you free, I ask that you do that work with your ratings and reviews. This way, you know that the reviews and are from real people and not just someone trying to scam you.
    It does cost money to run this site, and in full disclosure, PaidSurveyMall does receive some referral fees. A couple dozen of the 450 MRCs in the database pay a small referral fee to PaidSurveyMall if you sign up with them. This doesn't cost you anything, and allows PaidSurveyMall to operate without charging a registration fee. It's really a win-win situation. It also allows PaidSurveyMall to hold contests and give out cash prizes.
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    Why do I have to register if the site is free?
    I do this to protect the quality of the site membership. If I just posted the information directly on the site, a lot of people would abuse that in various ways. SInce this site relies on member feedback in the form of ratings and reviews, I simply cannot allow anyone to make posts. So requiring registration weeds out some of the "bad neighborhood" that might otherwise take advantage of the site.

    Additionally, by requiring you to sign up, I am able to maintain a personal contact with you to make sure you succeed in you efforts to make money online.
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