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Canadian Paid Survey Sites

If you live in Canada, you have some unique opportunities for taking surveys. Currently, PaidSurveyMall has 195 paying survey sites that either cater specifically to residents of Canada, or at least allow Canadians in addition to other nationalities.

Some of the the survey sites specifically for Canadians offer some great rewards. If you would like to access our list of high paying survey sites, all you need to do is create a free account.

If you are unsure whether or not this is legitimate - please just browse through the site and/or send me (Joel) an email using the contact form. I try to personally answer all email sent through the form within 2 business days. I think you will find out that I am not only trustworthy, but also that this site is trustworthy because it is built on the recommendations of its members rather than hype generated by me. Check out the About page for more about me.

Start Making Money Now

It takes a while to get all set up for taking online surveys, and it also takes a while for you to get paid. So don't delay. Get started now. Sign up for a free account and gain instant access to all the International survey sites as well as 195 sites specifically for Canadians that will pay you cash or prizes for sharing your opinion.

If you want to know what the survey sites are like, here is a sample of one of the sites that you can sign up with now:

Free Sample Canadian Paid Survey Site

Go ahead, sign up with it. It's free!. Then be sure to come back and sign up for a free PaidSurveyMall account to get the links to all the rest of the survey sites.